The Weave.loop by gabe bogart

         Grand highways of protoplasmic pneumatic tubes weave interdimensionally and across spacetime in the multiverse. Some astronauts have witnessed them and describe them as wormholes. The human eye can only capture them in the vacuum of space; in the glint of a star in frightening proximity.             These tubes act


Hopeless Clueless Theyby asks: A bit over a month ago, I started going on dates with Bee, who, like me, is nonbinary. The connection between us became rapidly intense, and we started talking about what it would mean if we started dating more seriously.  Bee initiated whenever we would hold

What is enough by Lynne Sargent

This firefly wants to be a cometfor us, she orbits and blinks so ferociously,demanding our attention,our gaze, in the faceof a disappointing sky. The moon, always herself,(never a disappointment)watches on. Like the firefly,she makes me wonderwhat close, beautiful things we miss,peering into darkness,searching for ‘better things’to wish on. Lynne Sargent

3 poems by Avra Margariti

Untitled Peter Pan Game Deep in the woods, winterFast approaching >Objective: collect twigs, build shelter Me and the lost boys shiverUnderbrush and other arborealDetritus slipping throughOur ice-sculpted grip.We move like in a molasses-slow dreamOur noses burning withThe imminence of snow >Objective: collect twigs, build shelter This is no Neverland, nor

hyper/text: boob noob

Boob Noob asks: I have dated other folks with boobs before (and I have boobs myself), so I understand they can be fun and nice. However my current girlfriend loves having her boobs touched – and not just in a sexual way. She likes having them casually grabbed anytime we’re

Distant Rovers by Russell Nichols

when she tells me i have all the emotion of a robot        i think first of curiosity (the martian rover, not the serial cat killer)                     and why it wanders the desolate planet              up and down slopes steep and gravel-strewn          across vein-like dry riverbeds and rugged terrain for miles,

Translaciónóicalsnart (2017-2021) by Sara Rivera

Sara Rivera’s black-out poetry piece Translaciónóicalsnart (2017-2021) is an ongoing series that usestexts from publicly available art exhibition catalogs to examine the both fruitful and fraughtrelationship of patronage and feudalism to Philippine art production. Sara Rivera is a cultural worker from the Philippines. Her works are informed by her informal

Reality One by C.e. Janecek

       “This was all the wrong choice.” I lean into my pile of laundry and scratch at the nodes wiring my scalp. My nail catches a scab and I peel it off, digging into slick flesh.        Mari’s face flickers. “How do you know it was wrong?”        A thousand

The Dice is in the Details by gabe bogart

Instead of an afterlife in a heaven or a hell for those who are good or bad, respectively, there is a temporary sort of purgatory for all. In this pit stop, you might stay for what nears an agonizing eternity. Or, you might drift through on the way to the

On “Savage Pageant” by Jessica Q. Stark

Savage Pageant by Jessica Q. StarkPoetryBirds LLC, 2020 As historical documents are increasingly being discovered and recontextualized, how can we, as individuals, similarly realign ourselves in the context of these renewed discussions? Although not explicitly asked, Jessica Q. Stark’s poetry collection Savage Pageant pushes this question to the surface in an

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