“Walking Ghosts” by Ella Wade

It was like this: she was there  until she wasn’t  In the time it takes for the sun to dip below the ground  She left everyone  Towards new sights and new sounds  New quiet like quiet she’d never known before  New darkness like the darkness behind your eyelids can’t hold

“Inheritance” by Sarah Edwards

I hold your image in between my thumb and forefinger. The white has faded and has begun to yellow. The black-inked you captivate my imagination. A moment is captured, unaware, and lost in thought on a bustling Ohio street. Tall man. Smart suit. Porkpie hat. A tie fluttering a second

“No Longer” By Emily Kate Hastings

No-longer-living things are everywhere in this house.  They shouldn’t be shocked by this. Not really. Not if they thought about it. No-longer-living things sit in their sinks too, and hide in their medicine cabinets, parade on countertops, loiter in corners of garages, and drape apathetically over chairs. Capitalist clutter fills

The World It Softly Lulls: Daria Dockery on Gender, The Ancestors, and The Land by Gabrielle Lawrence-Cormier

Earlier this year, Daria Dockery, an artist and internet friend tweeted, “when i accepted that my non-binary identity is about relating to my ancestors and not other non-binary people i got really free.” Intrigued by my own fascinations with memory and ancestry, and my own questions about gender, I pressed

“Drought, Human Stones, and the Arthropodocene: Reading T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land in the Anthropocene” by Erik Fuhrer

The idea of the apocalypse has received new meaning and urgency in the 21st century due to an increasing scientific and cultural awareness of anthropogenic climate change that threatens a sixth extinction on Earth (Ceballos). The term Anthropocene, formally coined by Paul Crutzen and E.F. Stoermer in 2001, solidifies our

“Braving the Days: Red Scarab, A Mind Soul Map of MARS” by Jordannah Elizabeth

Braving the Days is an existential, mystical column by Jordannah Elizabeth. Red ScarabThe Center of Love _ Defying timeKhepera “He has come forth” – Heart Scarab Ancient amulet – Egyptian offering protection & good fortune – mummification, burial – Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Kherpri To my heart –

“Unseeming” by Paul Bisagni

The day she told me she was sick, I had sex for the first time in months. The sex wasn’t a response to the news; it preceded it, which could mean something:     That I was prodded cosmically to enjoy a body—     That the cosmos is agentive and I

“Midnight’s Talking Lion and the Wedding Fire” by Adam Day

Every absurd, irrational, and neurotic idea, for singular obsession and psychic peculiarity and vagary of conscious or unconscious thought there is latent irrationality beneath manifest order of the every day, and paradoxically appropriately suggest irrational flux of stop frisk improvised. Foreground watertight logic of the fundamental concern system as potentially

Literary Arsenal – 45 Books In Our Editor’s Personal Library

When I was traveling a couple of years ago, I sent about a quarter of my library to my mother’s house in the Rocky Mountain region. My books sat in her guestroom for a year before I called her and inquired about have them sent back to me. I’m back

“The Rain” & “Experiments” by Dawn Watts

The Rain The winding path reveals a violent storm as an uncut trail. My feet journey forward, regardless. My limbs flail about wet like waves of emotion trying to reconcile a memory. The tragedy devastates my mind walking through an ocean of lovers. Yet, still, I travel alone, exposed, watching

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