Braving the Days – It’s Never Enough by Jordannah Elizabeth

I had an idea a few days ago. Well, it wasn’t my idea it wasn’t my idea — it was something someone said. Doesn’t it always work that way for writers? We have had many conversations. In contrast, it is true that some writers are very quiet, in their own

HYPER/TEXT: Futuristic Lover

Futuristic Lover asks: My partner and I live in the same city, but we almost never see each other face to face. Our relationship is basically all virtual — which works most of the time, because we both like our space. I don’t want to push them into something they’re

HYPER/TEXT: Comphet Hottie

Comphet Hottie asks: Recently, I’ve been struggling with my sexuality. For most of my life, I considered myself a lesbian. I’m married to a woman, and my gender identity is very much informed by the lesbian label. I dated men in high school, but I’ve since recognized my desire was


Hello TERSE. family! As many of you know, we have had spent several months away from publishing new work. There are a variety of factors that led to our recent silence: grad school, work, family, and all of the mundane tasks of being a person. Additionally, TERSE. itself has changed,

In Confinement by Ethan Cunningham

I spy with my inside eyethe raging cage, high-caliber gauge,crunching, clutching touch flush withsteel feelers, sealed annealed eelsthat hold close, folds my soul, enclosed It sits hissing as I itch and hitand stand demanding expansion,screwed, disputing induced fugueagain evident, wrenched in the pen,locked in a soft, dissolving body rotting Ethan


DID Diva asks: I feel as though I’ve noticed a recent influx of DID systems on social media, especially TikTok. I believe that these disorders exist, but I’m not convinced many (if any) of those online actually have the disorder. I have mental health issues myself, and while I personally

HYPER/TEXT: Discourse Dignity

Discourse Dignity asks: Being online for more than five minutes means that I’ve come across a lot of discourse. But the truscum debates have become overwhelming for me, especially on Tumblr. I feel like neither group is totally right and the situation has more nuance, but since I run a

Can You Utter the Tongue of the Cosmos. by Gabe Bogart

In the Astral Plane, through the invisible weave of Dark Matter, and amongst the circuitry of SpaceTime there are Sacred Words. As human beings, squeezed into barely capable minds by the Terrestrial Plane’s dimensional constraints, we cannot know them. Occasionally, some of these words utter themselves to you from the

Braving the Days: Notes from LA by Jordannah Elizabeth

The winters in Charm City had been mild for two years in a row, maybe three. There was no snow or ice and many unseasonably warm days. This year was not the case. The weather in the city has been frigid and unforgiving. The outdoors are not welcoming to pedestrians

The Hermeneutics of the Lunacy Lyric by David Sandner

Charmed magic casements, opening on the foamOf perilous seas, in fairy lands forlorn. John Keats The bear fell from the ceiling, climbing through a hole that wasn’t there. I had awoken to a loud cracking. I watched unblinking as a brown water crack along the white paint of the motel

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