contributor guidelines

We have a rolling and open submissions policy (we accept unsolicited submissions year round). There are no fees associated with submissions. This is a volunteer run, not for profit publication.

Contributor Q & A

What topics/themes are you looking for?

worlding, futures, identity, technology, hyperreality, embodiment, healing, mourning, the tarot/divination, memory, small press culture, captivity/confinement/incarceration, disability
What mediums can I use in this space?

poetry (erasure poetry, found poetry, experimental poetry, all poetry!), collage, critical essays (academic-style essays are considered), reviews, interviews, mixed media, audio recordings, visual art (drawings, paintings, photographs), creative non-fiction, science fiction, flash fiction, letters, mix tapes

Do I relinquish my rights to my piece once you publish it?

No. We actually don’t mind if you’d like to submit your work for consideration somewhere else after we’ve published it. However, we’d like to receive credit for publishing it first. We also understand people grow and change, so if there’s ever a time when you’d like us to remove a piece just let us know.

Do ya pay?

Yes. We don’t have much in the way of resources, but we feel writers should receive a show of good faith for publishing with us. We also do this to pressure outlets with more resources to pay their writers. We will pay $10.00 USD via PayPal for any work published with us.

What is the length requirement for essays to be considered?

For anything considered an essay we’d expect it to be however long it needs to be in order to do its job. We’re also volunteers, so please: nothing over 5,000 words. If it’s longer than that we’d maybe consider breaking it down into a series. Pitch us if you are toying with sending us a super long piece.
Who can submit?

Creative people who want opportunities in publishing and have an affinity to social justice and activist worlding technologies.
How much can I send at one time?

2-3 finished pieces of any medium.
How long do you usually spend reviewing submissions?

At the moment we aim to respond to all submissions.
What’s a sure way to be rejected immediately?

You’ll be rejected immediately if there are any racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, xenophobic, ableist or otherwise abusive issues. Your piece will also be removed without explanation if we find out you are publishing this trash elsewhere and we just didn’t know about it when we published you. This also goes for the email you send along with your submission.
Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

No. While we have accepted pieces in circulation previously, we are no longer able to review work submitted to other outlets. Our reason for this is, especially when reviewing longer pieces, writers were not letting us know in a timely manner when a piece was accepted at another journal. You can understand this leads to extra confusion. We also would like to be respectful to editors’ time.
How often do you publish?

Monthly and as pieces are accepted.
Anything else I should add to my submission?

Yes. Please include biographical information along with any social media links or blog info. We like to know more about our contributors before we work with them.
Who are the editors?

Kate Wilson {managing editor}

Jordannah Elizabeth {arts editor}

Mauve Perle Tahat {founder, editor at large}

Ben Berman Ghan {prose editor}

Zeny May D. Recidoro {poetry editor}

Gabrielle Lawrence {interviewer}
How do I submit?

Sample submission:

“Dear [find editors’ names above for submission],

Here is my piece _______. It is [explain what your piece is about and what your intention was in writing it in one or two sentences].

This is my short bio:

Here are my social media links:”
Anything else I should know?

Prose submissions should be 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

No more than 3 poems per one submission.

Submit via our email:

We’ve been fortunate: over a short time we’ve worked with tremendous contributors who’ve written about art, technology, embodiment, critical theory, and self-discovery (among other topics). Take a look around to see what we’ve published to get a feel for TERSE.

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