theory of being



Since 2016 we’ve been a funky little liminal space focused on identity, the body, writing practices, technology, futures, and art. We’re uncanny yet eerie (THEY’RE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT: YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO IT). Enigmatic yet totally tangible. How we’d really describe ourselves is like a green grape someone flicked into outer space about to collide with an asteroid. In addition, we’re sweet ‘n’ sassy social justice androids who like growing gardening spices in window planters.

The human experience is now a mixture of physical, cerebral, digital, and metaphysical.

We contend with the myths of our ancestors as we see our own played out in phantasmagorical cybernarratives.



Poised on the top of a 1998 tube screen personal computer, we teeter on the edge and figure out what it means to be alive.

That’s just some things about us. Who are you?


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