Retrofuturism Homesick Blues by Aaron Sandberg

My poems keep starting with Onceas if the past is something else. Look: Once, we put our handsin front of lips to keep the kissfrom counting— to keep the branchfrom blooming, to keep adultsaway. And thenwhatever we werewas over [as ifwhateverwe areis over]. Say you see me in museumsand knowing

HYPER/TEXT: Sad Follower of Cool Trans Twitter

Sad Follower of Cool Trans Twitter asks: Though I follow many cool people with great politics on Twitter, something has been bothering me: certain forms of bigotry don’t receive as much pushback as others. While it’s a good thing that racism and nonbinary TERFs get called out, everyone seems to

Complimentary by Michael Hammerle

I got a cigar-serenade voice that is perfectfor telling the babies good night becausethey fall right to sleep after. One would thinkit’s coming from a man with a Glasgow smile.You’ve got a voice that’s perfect for the porch.I mean rocking in chairs singing old country songs.The trees that had been

…if only; A Purgatory by Gabe Bogart

Relationships are complex; platonic, familial, or romantic. They’re just weirdsometimes. There’s so much to know about a single other being, let alone learningyourself and how to expose that to the world in the way you feel in your own skin. It ispossible, it’s too difficult, or…well just damn near impossible

HYPER/TEXT: Depressed Doomscroller

Depressed Doomscroller asks: I’m feeling overwhelmed online. It seems like everything is tragic and dire all the time. Even things I should be happy about, like Pride Month, have so much discourse surrounding them. I know these conversations are important, and I’m also upset and angry about the political issues

4 Photographs by Morning-meadow Jones

Morning-meadow Jones (she, her) is an American junior high school dropout, who later went on to realize her full potential by dropping out of college too. She is a mother, migrant, and memoirist who makes her home in Wales, UK. When not parenting or penning prose, she enjoys dabbling in

your memory by J.I. Kleinberg’

J.I. Kleinberg’s visual poems have been published in print and online journals worldwide. An artist, poet, freelance writer, and Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee, she lives in Bellingham, Washington, USA, and on Instagram @jikleinberg. Her solo exhibit of visual poems, orchestrated light, was featured at Peter Miller Books, Seattle, in May 2022.

HYPER/TEXT: They/Them Boyboss

They/Them Boyboss asks: I’ve been with my cis boyfriend for a year now. When we first started dating, he was exploring his gender, and I thought I’d never have to date a cis man again. However, things have changed, and he’s finished exploring — which has made me feel strange.

Braving the Days – It’s Never Enough by Jordannah Elizabeth

I had an idea a few days ago. Well, it wasn’t my idea it wasn’t my idea — it was something someone said. Doesn’t it always work that way for writers? We have had many conversations. In contrast, it is true that some writers are very quiet, in their own

HYPER/TEXT: Futuristic Lover

Futuristic Lover asks: My partner and I live in the same city, but we almost never see each other face to face. Our relationship is basically all virtual — which works most of the time, because we both like our space. I don’t want to push them into something they’re

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