“Tetragrammaton” by Rebecca Gross

There’s no tree that can’t catch on fire, especially when we’re talking about using aerosol cans and firewood to ignite dry branches. We actually did that at summer camp – fifty 16-year-olds unsupervised! Can you imagine? We actually did that! Caught trees on fire! In a California drought! Can you

“Secretion” by Satya Dash

On fragile mattresses, a third of the world’s skulls hallucinate. Eyes, isotopic   pools where hours sink to multiply years. Curious leeches watch us erupt in suspended dawn, the sun deep-fried   in saturated fog. Waxing oscine beaks flutter across pale curtains wailing to recover extinct bird-   song. As

“Swan Song” by Joshua Williams

i would liken her to a swan the way she dips her neck low towards me hisses territorially in the same instant i’m both glowed awestruck at her appearance in my mirror i would liken her to swan i say “liken” because that’s not really her is it? she’s fragile

“Endless Blue” by Katie Nickas

A little after midnight, my head lifts off the pillow to the sound of static. A screen crackles. A siren issues a warning. Something is breaking, like an insect cracking through amber and crawling up through the millennia. This is a test of your consciousness. At dawn, I awaken to

“The Neighbour” by Samuel Strathman

Slipshod tread, plop –  into a ready-made grave.    Bethany’s tracks were followed into the thicket,  cynosure at its finest.   It takes a perfect creep to pull off this kind of abduction.   Larvae and forest swathe her from head to toe, wrists and ankles broken – necrosis, vulned

“aspirational recycling” by Alessandra Davy-Falconi

the world is always more full of women than full of men, I know  the idea of more women always sounds more exciting than  the idea of more men, I don’t know  how it happened, that the unbearable lightness of being is really the unbearable weight of feeling, we say

“almost” by Jayant Kashyap

almost (adv) after Amy Wolstenholme   A friend says the most essential words in our gut are never truly accessed,   like the words in a dictionary, amidst which we search often for flabbergasted (verb) or bamboozled (verb), but never almost (adv):   we almost always miss it by an

“The Relaxation” by Sonny Creek

The alarm on my watch jolts me awake. The window blinds are programmed to open to when alarm is set to go off, and as such, soft light fills the room. I get up with a groan and rub the sleep from my eyes. The infotainment screen descends from the

“Musica Universalis And The Pythagorean Love Song” by Shome Dasgupta

Theorem as it was as bale and bale across a dew singed plain settled in silence and so side and side they went in pair to search for conjectures of breadth–only to split at angle’s base like raised arms in plea to close their eyes and feel their ankles traced

“Things are Different” by Corey Howard

When you’re dehydrated You’re facing absolution, You’re subtracting from          Yourself. You can     Add, if you pay attention. The world is a set up            Distraction, illusion          From the whole point        Of hydration. Is the body its own security,     Own cell and guard?    One time, a whole lot     Go against a whole

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