NOELIA’S BOOK NOOK: Atrophy of the boy who became a wishing well

Nathaniel Bek’s collection of poems Atrophy of the boy who became a wishing well is a powerful convening of brave introspection, unwavering honesty and unapologetic healing. The collection fearlessly interrogates themes like loss, coming of age and father figures amongst others. The collection holds a confessional reverence and tears deeply

HYPER/TEXT: Struggling Against the Cistem

Struggling Against the Cistem asks: Is it worth it to come out again when telling friends we’re a system? Plurality and queerness are such complex identities, even for queer friends! Need a  primer on plural terminology? Feel free to check out my column on “Polyamorous Plurality!” Struggling Against the Cistem,

An Announcement

This past spring, we decided to take up the long, difficult process of curating and maintaining TERSE after several months of absence. Running a literary journal is an extremely enjoyable pursuit, and something all of us cherish; however it is often taxing process. TERSE. is unique in many ways, but


        There’s a near infinite possible ways to die. A massive aneurysm. Being thrown off of a building. Chased down by a Siberian Tiger while on a vacation in Cambodia. She drags you through the jungle, her canines holding back the tide of your life draining from your femoral artery onto

HYPER/TEXT: Genderfluid Lesbian Thirsts for Binary Trans Man Friend

Genderfluid Lesbian Thirsts for Binary Trans Man Friend asks: I’m a genderfluid transmasculine person. I recently spent a period of time living with a binary trans man, who I initially assumed was cis. We became and have stayed really close friends, having intimate conversations and confiding some of our most

Giants in Liverpool by Colleen Anderson

Giants in Liverpool jet streams lattice the skymistaken as departing planesuntil the earth rumbles unanchored(unbalanced) rupturing the day to day what hand so mighty can controlthe world, scribe signatures in skieswhite ink against blue parchmentthere are contrails over Liverpooland the giants are coming home they drop, spin, roll from cumulonimbusbillowing

Noelia’s Book Nook: Tender is the Flesh

At the Municipal Slaughterhouse the head begin their journey through the slaughtering process with the stunner, move to the slitting room, the boiling room, the dehairing machine, the cutting room, the offal room, the room where the carcasses are divided into parts after which they are washed, inspected, sealed, weighed

2 Poems by Lacie Semenovich

How the world ends Orange skies filled the morning.The dog woke early, frettedover her animal cookies and turnedoff my alarm. I slept in a University in the ocean.The boys wore sunglasses as the sungrew brighter. But there was no sunand I knew I was dreaming. I woke late to work,

When the Tide Comes by AN Grace

05-Arrival / They came in gently at first, lapping at people’s feet like inanimate objects that had stumbled upon the virtues of attraction. Within a few hours, on the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, people could barely make it into the sea past the quivering mass. Out in the great

HYPER/TEXT: Transitioning in Secret

Transitioning in Secret asks: Is it possible to start hormones if you aren’t out to your family but still talk to them regularly? I’ve been thinking about taking hormones since 2018. I finally scheduled an HRT consultation, but I’m not out to my very Slavic family. They keep asking me

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