Hyper/Text: Stone Butch Bitch

Stone Butch Bitch asks: Hi! I’m genderqueer and stone butch. I first came out as butch during the beginning of quarantine, and it’s now the most salient piece of my identity.  Before quarantine began, I had my drag debut. My drag persona is a queen and, for the most part,

3 Poems by Vanessa Couto Johnson

con* how does the one nude with a jeweled belly / plastic smile / hair neon andvertical // brush childhood if all true trolls could be toyed / shelf-pulled, unplugged / would there be lessmania / without their in[terrupting] / -formation // ruptures from a keyboard and clipart // let

An Interview with playwright Stephanie Barber by Jordannah Elizabeth

Baltimore based filmmaker, Stephanie Barber, whose career has spanned over 20 years, has embarked on a new creative journey that has produced the publication of her debut play, Trial in the Woods (Plays Inverse).  The play explores the complexity of the justice system. In the story, a trial commences due to a

The Weight of Drops by H.A. Piacentino

The rain falls as saltwater here. It’s because it comes from the sea, they say. When they ask why our rain fell pure, I can only tell them I don’t know. There are lots of things I can’t explain. How I survived the crash. How we built the rocket that

Hungrily, Space-Eater by Iggy Oddity

I am an amalgamation of wires,Moon encased, silver-bodied,Sacred blue distilled into shock-an irresistible hazard- Tentacle-like-Suffocating an atmospheretoo distant from the past.God devouring its childrenNot realizing this brings everythingCloser to its end. We have strayed too far-The earth once molten potential.Someday – sky swallowed by a mouth of fire. I am

hyper/text: wannabe Heartthrob

Wannabe Heartthrob asks: How do I flirt… and ONLY flirt? I want to be a hot individual of indeterminate and confusing gender. I want to give welcome compliments and make everyone around me get butterflies. I am also uninterested in new romantic or sexual relationships. Is there a way to

Braving the Days – Observations by Jordannah Elizabeth

It is neither here nor there. The systematic assumptions of circular realities lying in the depths of small communities can be healthy if communicated with care and a sincere effort to understand what should and should not be assumed. Observations, though, can be steeped in wisdom and inspiration, or consequently,

Featured artist: Ren brian

Friends, countrymen, ghosts! For the month of August, we have been lucky enough to work with a featured artist — Ren Brian. Ren is a dear friend of the TERSE. community. It is also important to note that Ren has one extra vertebrae. Ren’s work can be found on Instagram


Kinkshame or Kinksame asks:  I have a lot of kinky friends. They all want to talk to me about how kink is empowering for women and queer folk, but it makes me uncomfortable. I know — not my body, not my business — but I can’t help but feel like

A difficult moment for a welch giver by Anastasia Jill

This will be your last house,the hill that you die on.You feel most at homebuilding a fort upon my grave. You grieved for me, briefly,kept my prayers in your pocketand erected a honeycombupon my grave. Who’s the queen bee?Nobody, I guess.You yield nothing but the yolkof my angry spirit. They

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