Cordyceps by Selina Wells

Maybe I took the theme of ‘Mycelia’ too literally, but the first thing that came to mind was the fungus which controls its victims’ behavior before using them as nutrition for its fruiting bodies.  I imagined the state of mind of an infected ant and tried to find some positives of transformation and re-embodiment amid the horror.


I’ve never been ambitious before but 

all the thoughts I ever had are

urging me upwards I’m full of 

something that’s 

changed me 

I could be anything a stag a unicorn a tree I’m branching out my head will be crowned with 

glory just bursting forth 

I’m going to take this opportunity I’m going to 

reach out and bite it bite as hard as I can

and wait

Selina Wells is primarily a visual artist (website: , Instagram: rosebay4) using acrylics to celebrate the unsung corners of the natural world. However, sometimes only a poem will do…

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