open auditions


Does your writing merge the metaphysical, digital, personal, and political? Perhaps you even throw in a bit of the pedagogical?

Are you looking for a medium that pays you a modest stipend to write amongst a genial and fervid cohort?

TERSE. is seeking columnists who would like to respond to prompts and contribute one (1) column monthly to receive a $25 stipend via PayPal.

Topics span the Tarot, A.I. , the cosmos, Cubism, sexuality, metaphysical depth psychology, protest, interpretive dance, gender, race, film…

We are interested in your personal philosophy as it will reflect our larger mission of merging materialism, social justice, digital culture and spirituality.

Columnists should be flexible in their writing style: prose can be creative non-fiction, science fiction, short fiction, letters. We do permit some poetry because poetry is nice.

Our digital issues are monthly and we will be releasing a yearly anthology in print (at the end of 2017).

Interested parties should send 3 finished prose pieces, link to social media/blog/personal website, and a short personal statement on why you think you’d do well to publish with TERSE.

…to this address: