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“if there were water” and “Frameshift Mutations” by Shastra Deo

if there were water in lieu of hyacinth garden my kingdom is a heaven of spilled lilies -of-the-valley, dead lands empty is the sea : silent but for breath of my beloved(forbidden sight and sun break)hoards prophecy of the world and its remaking : years he has since grown deciduous—sloughs

“Burn” and “Salt Water Haibun” by Courtney LeBlanc

BURN I sit in front of the fire, the wood so dry it pops, embers rain out, a small burn marks the rug, evidence of the offense. When I met him the spark glowed hot. How quickly I reacted, knowing to let it smolder could mean a home in flames.

In Defense of Laggardism by Andrew Woods

      “I KNOW WHEN I’M BEING CATERED TO, I KNOW WHEN I’M BEING CATERED TO, I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.” Car Seat Headrest, “Not What I Needed.” Marshall McLuhan’s “Challenge and Collapse: The Nemesis of Creativity” appeared frequently on my graduate school seminar syllabi.

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