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I Burned You a CD {Part Three}: The Art of the New by M. Perle


Stay Feminist and Study Your Body by Lay Sion Ng

How well do you understand your body? Do you think your body can change your mind? Or it is only our minds that can change our bodies? Throughout history there have been many different definitions as to what constitutes our bodies. Some theorists of the social body regarded physical bodies

Women and Space by Lay Sion Ng

Whether it is defined as a container for things or the relation between things, the nature of space is often limned with the body-matter of women. Ever since Plato first introduced the existence of space and claimed the nature of space as the figure of the mother, women have become

In Defense of Laggardism by Andrew Woods

      “I KNOW WHEN I’M BEING CATERED TO, I KNOW WHEN I’M BEING CATERED TO, I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR.” Car Seat Headrest, “Not What I Needed.” Marshall McLuhan’s “Challenge and Collapse: The Nemesis of Creativity” appeared frequently on my graduate school seminar syllabi.

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