Tag: TERSE Journal

“In Every Creation” by Sam Jowett

a sliver of me                              astral infused queerness  myself laid bare                      upon the mountains I carved            the forests I etched     

“Used Planet, Slightly Worn” by Barney Sperlin

Talking to fruit wasn’t on my list. This casual walk was an after-dinner treat, strolling under the bright moon and stars, searching for owls along the cleared path in the woodlot behind my house. I moved toward a burbling-chortling sound associated with raccoon families, and dropped into a swale. On

“That Shining Moment” by Drema Deòraich 

They say you don’t see the bullet. They’re wrong. The shooter pulls his trigger, time drags to a crawl. I see mine. It flies toward me like a bee to a flower. # Before, children squeal delight at the sight of the zoo across the busy public square. Teachers remind

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