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A Conversation Between Three Entities: The Face, The Witness & The Viewer

  The Witness: Why do you cry? The Face: Because, I see. The Witness: What do you see?   ::  The Face stares back for a time where The Witness thought to itself ‘until Kingdom-Come, when will it speak?” The Face’s eyes weld up with the deepest sorrow yet the

We who are lost; Mmm, Nope; Neurotic Lullaby by Elisabeth Horan

Three poems by contributor Elisabeth Horan   We who are lost Find each other in warehouses Too late sometimes, it’s in graveyards. Always emaciated, dumpster diving for attention   Overweight on alcohol anorexic acceptance rates like High school anxiety shave the head try on personalities   We who find each

And I Loved Them by Elisabeth Horan

A poem by contributor Elisabeth Horan.     Is it my turn to use them? I asked, in doe-eyed chin up hopefulness –   Not yet, replied father-fuhrer. Maybe tomorrow.   I never really got a chance to play with them – they were under lock and key behind the

Behind the Fear of Sun by Tini Ngatini

One day I was driving with my British housemate to a local market in Ha Noi, Viet Nam.  I was actually sitting on the back of her bike. I do not drive motorbikes and that’s often funny to my Vietnamese and American friends because motorbikes are the main transportation here;

CLOWN UNKNOWN by Moriah M. Mylod

Hair strands between her finger tips Dangling and pulling apart to the division she sips Red stained glass to the joke and the uncertainty of self Rainbow color for every lover Crowd pleaser Separate, splitting into two Peering sideways Pulling further Red lipped, paled skinned and masked To and fro

Braving the Days: Permission and Decision by Jordannah Elizabeth

I have been maintaining that the day I turned 30 was the first day of my life. I felt my first 29 years of life were just about me getting my feet wet and learning the systems of my culture, of metaphysical realms, of behaviors and relationships – and age 30

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