Satan’s in the sole of my left shoe We are having a confetti conversation now The words from your lips are bursting in colors of blue, yellow and red Floating pieces that never hit the ground Zenu is my mother Her ship will be here any minute To drop off money just in time for the birth of my baby Jesus The CIA is onto me, they hear and see everything I do and say Are you listening? WE ARE NOT CONNECTED, WE ARE NOT CONNECTED There is a funeral every evening at the head of my bed… But no … Continue reading DARK MATTERS: SCHIZOPHRENIA by Moriah M. Mylod

Birds fly low. by Keysha Whitaker

Why do birds fly so low to the ground? Not all the time, just when they’re crossing the street – which is something they do strangely enough pretty regularly, even though they don’t have any feathery business doing so. Fly above the street. Around the street. But don’t cross it, bird. You’re not Big Bird trying to teach six-year-olds social niceties. Roads and lights and crosswalks shouldn’t matter to you. Yet, here you come. Swooping down low from the edge of a fence, diving towards the center of the road, a low-flying dip calculated to beat my car to his … Continue reading Birds fly low. by Keysha Whitaker