Tag: Moriah Mylod


When I came into myself, again Yet another awkward re-awakening of this body I saw an imprisoned cage of where a young woman was residing, It was right behind my Mother’sss eyesss A tiny fire lit between the iris of two gazing hazel stonesss One of yearning Death and one

“ON THE WALL” by Moriah M. Mylod

Smacked for my ever first drawing A depiction of a Cephalopd on my bedroom wall I shared the pale blue room with my twin Cribs adjacent A marker taken out of the grips of my clinging little finger tips As my brother watched the beginning of my art career fail

A Conversation Between Three Entities: The Face, The Witness & The Viewer

  The Witness: Why do you cry? The Face: Because, I see. The Witness: What do you see?   ::  The Face stares back for a time where The Witness thought to itself ‘until Kingdom-Come, when will it speak?” The Face’s eyes weld up with the deepest sorrow yet the

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