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“My Eyes, My Eyes, My Eyes” by Donald Zagardo

A trend is a law that has yet to hatch, to become, turned to steel. Lucky children with hormonal madness incline toward trend, but I am an adult. I worry as an adult would, about silly things, like trends becoming laws. How handy it will be, how much fun, how

I Burned You a CD {Part ONE}: Growing by M. Perle

Que seguimos rompiendo aquí Esta fiesta no tiene fin Botellas para arriba, si Los tengo bailando, rompiendo y yo sigo aquí   I’m in the first row on your show, in the first row👊   On the First Floor Power show 🎶 Your vibrato’s like vulnerable leaves, 🎶 You do

DARK MATTERS: NAKED by Moriah M. Mylod

I will not work for Physicality I will work for Experience not Things Things are nice, but useless Because they all end up disappearing In the Wrong Hands The Light that disowns the Evil Places Inside each Vessel Is your obsession based on Love? Who is your Authority? And to

DARK MATTERS: DECAY by Moriah M. Mylod

I like to think of my worries as such: A decaying tree that lays in the entrance of a walking path Where it vanishes at the edge and stings like a thorn bush stab From the Sycamore that rests here on the brim Between the feminine Ted Bundy and the

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