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“Cornsequence” by Kristin Garth

  {Editor’s note: we encourage you to listen to the audio file of Garth reading “Cornsequence” here.}   The spirit took your eyes away. They did not blink once yesterday. Contemplation a mirror lake, self reflection, morbid mistake. Blind maternal insurrection. A husk, your body, in cornfields, was grown for children

Poetry Demon by Kristin Garth

Listen in on a reading by poet Kristin Garth by visiting the video above.    Poetry Demon A poetry demon won’t clean a house. It burrows in clutter, writing it out. Language is legion. Words only espoused. Diabolism requires fingers devout. A poetry demon does not have friends. It listens

“Pine” and “Tuileries” by Kristin Garth

  Tuileries   Twilight, Tuileries, trembles, tulips, then tomfoolery. Cafe au lait, collar new beneath her trenchcoat, navy blue. Her yin, the silver links his yang, the gold. She flew to him nineteen years old. His growl “good evening,” telephone — a voice with fangs, a face unknown. She’s hotel

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