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Ethereal Interviews with Mauve Perle Tahat: Ingrid Calderon Collins

AN INTERVIEW SERIES IN WHICH MAUVE GETS PERSONAL WITH BRILLIANT ARTISTS, TOO PERFECT FOR THIS WORLD YET LIVING IN OUR TIME. Using 5 images 2 songs and 3 text messages, describe the writer inside of you. Janitor of Lunacy, Nico New Dawn Fades, Joy Division What non living relative understands

Searching for Place: An Interview with Jennifer Case by Gabrielle Lawrence

  In Sawbill: A Search for Place, Dr. Jennifer Case explores her relationship to home and belonging in “an inherently mobile 21st century” by chronicling her research on Sawbill Lodge in Northeast Minnesota, a place of significance and rootedness for her family. I met Jennie Case during my own season

A Short Interview with Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Founder of The Brown Orient

Enjoy a short interview with our beloved affiliate The Brown Orient‘s founder Elizabeth Ruth Deyro and spread the word about this fabulous publication.  terseeditor: When did you become interested in writing publicly? Elizabeth Ruth Deyro: My professor in Creative Writing class, which I took in 2014, was the first to

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