“Bloodbath” by Aremu Adams Adebisi

    A meal is bought with blood, and then, chaos of hard clay. You linger in nudity, the night   is serrated in embarrassment; rusty mist, absence of flowers, a floodtide of dust & shadows.   Your eyes fall into the crevice of sound & quietude, an escape for boys who pray themselves   into guns of empty cartridges. I write with your life & my own when all is made equal & each   follows the pattern to emptiness. When smells are the carnage of our skins that we bear in vows   to the renewal of paradise. … Continue reading “Bloodbath” by Aremu Adams Adebisi

“How a Girl is Born Brutal” by Weslyn Rae Newburn

    I spent the summer pretending my legs were confined in a sheath of iridescent scales, swimming with eyes closed, nose pinched tightly shut. The burn of chlorine in my throat, greasy shine of sunscreen on my shoulders, cool juiciness of lemon yellow freezy-pops, that tasted nothing like real lemons. That summer my bitterness festered like the smashed green anoles on the back porch. Guinea wasps stirred in my Pepsi and I didn’t feel sorry for them. Your forgotten girl, I prayed for the sun to scald and blister you – make you shrivel up like watermelon seeds in … Continue reading “How a Girl is Born Brutal” by Weslyn Rae Newburn