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“another self-deprecating joke about my criminal record” and “Why Quit When You Can’t?” by Nicholas Alti

        Nicholas Alti writes with and about trigeminal neuralgia, depression, addiction, and an affinity for strangeness. He’s an assistant editor for fiction and poetry at The Black Warrior Review. There’s more of his work at Dream Pop Press, Hypertrophic Press, The Hunger, Pretty Owl Poetry, and elsewhere.

“A Mental Breakdown” by C.A. Scheherazade

  C.A. Scheherazade is an Indo-British poet, whose work has previously been published in Figroot Press and Kingdoms In The Wild. Her fickle muse can occasionally be found wandering under @caliphascheherazade on tumblr.

“and then She was shipped across the world” and “Document2” by Parag Desai

and then She was shipped across the world to work and produce, and to work and produce, in a fortress of infinite greed, tending slot machines, for donald trump in february of ’93.   She met the man she married after a lapse of two years. his belly had grown

“The Invert,” “Flawed Song,” and “Scrapbook” by Lydia Friedman

  The Invert Again she’s on the prowl. See the whisper of a whisker above her lip, the monocle’s claw tigering her eye, the silk silence waistcoating her hips – each button a fang on which a lover may catch. Which lipsticked voice will catch mid-croon as she prowls in

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