Tag: experimental poetry

“A Mental Breakdown” by C.A. Scheherazade

  C.A. Scheherazade is an Indo-British poet, whose work has previously been published in Figroot Press and Kingdoms In The Wild. Her fickle muse can occasionally be found wandering under @caliphascheherazade on tumblr.

“Life // slip // stream” by Elisabeth Horan

It’s nothing / hangs / like toile / white gauze / surgery / comes and goes / lab coats I never wore / monkeys & rabbits / guilty / I am always / I hate the inaction / I hate the mascara / raccoons flood my airways / knowing what

“Befrust” by Gabrielle Lawrence

        Gabrielle Lawrence is a writer and editor. Her writing can be found in The Squawk Back, Rising Phoenix Review, Gravel Magazine, A Gathering Together Journal, Sundog Lit, and others. Even when she isn’t doing the most, she is still in the spirit of much. Follow her

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