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The Looker: John Berger by James Carraghan

I was making my way through Ways of Seeing when I stopped at the end of the third essay and sent a text message to my friend. Within a few minutes he had responded, telling me that he was reading the same essay, at the same time, for a class; he


I was scared of the dark I was scared of the dark I was scared of the dark monsters   I hallucinated at night as a child When everyone was asleep I was in beds of bugs and beasts They were real as day Haunting in the night I got

Celebrating Marbles: Raison D’etre by Julie Corredato

You’re probably familiar with the vintage idiom, “losing one’s marbles,” and may have used it on occasion in a playful manner, either to mock oneself, or to chide your friends, family, and colleagues during moments of  forgetfulness, anxiety, or despair. My grandmother, Banny, taught us how to play marbles back

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