Tag: apocalypse


“Mark died yesterday, Margery.” My tone was patient, sad but not distraught. The time for distraught was past, I thought. “Coral, don’t joke about those things. He was right here a few minutes ago.” I found a serious expression in my database and displayed it for her. “It’s not a

“End of the World Memory” by Jen Rouse

  We sit at coffee discussing what it means to meet at abject vulnerability. Everything catches in my throat, like hearts. I avoid your hands. The link that binds my conscious mind to the mind I might meet on the other side of the table. If I have brought you

“Surface Tension” by Gary Hartley

The oil has spilled and we know it is coming. It will not be contained. There will be no expertise right there where it happened and none when it arrives, because it is us here, just us, with no expertise. Beaches await dark blankets and dead feather beds. Over there,

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