“Data” by Gretchen Gales

—In response to r/samplesize infographic “Body Perception in Men and Women”, published on the subreddit r/dataisbeautiful. “How old were you when you perceived your body (or parts of your body) as “ugly” for the first time?” Maybe my grandparents shouldn’t have given a 1st grader hot dogs and chips as

“Ladybugs” by Maya Williams

One day, I hope to be as kind to these ladybugs as my partner.   I call them an infestation in his home. He calls it a minuscule blanket of joy in the corners of the walls.   I call them an unexpected nuisance. He calls them an unexpected surprise.

TERSE. Writing Prompts: Diurnal Revival & A Dystopian Haze

Diurnal Revival The solar and lunar cycle gives life on planet earth constant movement and form. Every morning you are revived from your slumber to face a new set of events and challenges. How do you navigate? How do you cope with your 12 hour long Diurnal Revival? Be as

Braving the Days: The Magnum Opus Has Been Cancelled pt 2. by Jordannah Elizabeth

Time has passed and I may have to admit that there is no magnum opus to be had. I can feel external circumstances beginning to create stress and lethargy that I am struggling to control. Shelter in Place. The order has been solidified.  My entire life has been about Freedom

Care in Uncertain Times Syllabus: Groundwork to New Futures

Since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been intrigued by the archives and online courses that have opened up to the global community free of charge. There are millions of people who want to continue to learn, and some who are forced to teach remotely during this time.

Braving the Days: If You’re Reading This… aka Tomorrow’s Magnum Opus pt. 1 by Jordannah Elizabeth

“The serpent is eating itself” – Dax Riggs I’ve been thinking about time, consciously aging and the attributes of a magnum opus.   My mind is what it is. Several concepts that don’t seem to be mutually exclusive flow and roll like waves within my psyche, creating a narrative that is

Short Story: The Race by Zoey Howell-Brown {Speculative Fiction}

My department had “no idea” of the plan at hand to exterminate us all and re-create A “new America”. The date this will go into effect states April 24, 2034, which is two weeks from today. This office space always had this dreary feeling to it, but today it’s intensified

“To the Core” by Colleen Anderson

trees, young saplings sprout from solid rock gouged by rivers and canyons blistered by sun  and furious storms toughened granite resists hammering   tremors

Existential Stimuli: 64 Books to Read From Our Literary {Archive}

Accessibility on all fronts has been compromised due to our current global pandemic. I don’t know how long or how many times I am going to have to write the prior sentence, but we at TERSE. are willing to stay as focused and as stimulated as possible. I’ve been reading

{EIC Reading Recommendation} Afrofuturists: Recurrence Plot (and Other Time Travel Tales) by Rasheedah Phillips

The future is now. So, there’s no better time to delve into afrofuturist writing and literary explorations. “Afrofuturism is not only a subgenre of science fiction. It is a larger aesthetic mode that encompasses a diverse range of artists working in different genres and media who are united by their

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