Executive Editor {Mauve Perle Tahat}




Mauve Perle Tahat is founder and executive editor of TERSE.

In 2014 she began her foray into publishing running the local community writing platform Lehigh Valley Vanguard and serving as co-founder and creative director to its sister publication Rag Queen Periodical. To date she has published over 20 printed compilations featuring hundreds of authors and designed numerous web spaces.

Currently residing in Northern Appalachia with her husband and son, she is a Teaching and Professional Development Fellow at Indiana University of Pennsylvania while ABD in the Literature and Criticism Doctoral Program. Her last locale was in Eastern Pennsylvania where she worked as a community arts organizer and earned an M.Ed. from Lehigh University and M.A. from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Her preoccupations include metaphysical depth psychology, carceral spaces and abolition, writing the body, and radical mothering.