Contributing Editor {Moriah M. Mylod}


Moriah M. Mylod is an Abstract Expressionist Painter, Mixed-Media Artist, Art Psychotherapist, Lover of Jungian/Depth Psychologies, Poet & Mystic. Moriah practices as a clinical art therapist in the mental health field providing art psychotherapy services to adolescent mothers & adult mothers in a residential treatment facility in Somerset, NJ.

Moriah primarily practices art psychotherapy in a residential milieu, but first and foremost she is an artist working in her home-studio, Birds in The Attics located in Phillipsburg, NJ where she is occupied with painting on many surfaces such as traditional canvas, mirrors, wood blocks and creating ephemeral art in earth mandala assemblages locally and within the tri-state area.

The last few years she has been in a season of creation and hopes to exhibit in the 2020/2021 year. Her working body of art is a culmination of a various painting and mixed media applications where these works are enmeshed in a sea of wordless consciousness, designed structures of the unseen divine within that invites the viewer to swim in the reparative use of untamed colors & paradoxical design. Her works of prayer, deep meditations, peace, and memory & of infinite love will shift and inform the viewer’s own awareness.

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