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“Ghosts Remembering the Future, or, The World was Over Long Ago” by Mauve Perle Tahat

During this pandemic, there is a lot of discussion of an apocalypse. “Apocalypse” implies the world didn’t already end.  In A Billion Black Anthropocenes or None, Kathryn Yusoff expands on the impact of colonialism, particularly since contemporary groups of people were sold for their bodies and labor. She places the

Athena Dixon Q&A by Gabrielle Lawrence

Athena Dixon founded Linden Avenue Literary Journal in 2012 as a way to claim her own space. After ending a marriage, she wanted to prove to herself that she was capable, talented, and worthy on her own. That same year, after being called to expand and emerge, she decided to

“The Ladder” by Fred Pollack

Art by Kate Shaw The joke you had to explain. The vision that moved no one. The pedantic tone. The embarrassing confession abandoned halfway. When across freshened skies jetpacks jockey and curtsey, and solar-powered dirigibles preside like funny gods, you’re not invited.   It’s possible in your room with effort

“Snow Day” by Gaurav Madan

Art by Kate Shaw This story was originally published by Jaggery.   Quickly shutting the door of his dad’s old station wagon, Kabir worked the zipper of his hoodie toward his stubbly chin. The wind tore through the parking lot burying itself in the spaces between his shoulders. The afternoon

“Kaa’s Trance” by Hibah Shabkhez

Ereyesterday, my pen could write this tale In the rich tongue of my own earth-mother; Overmorrow, a tapping thumb will nail Its fate to the sails of the conqueror.       It trembles. It cries to the story-dew Avaunt! ‘You’re wrong. I don’t belong. To you’   Today, like yesterday,

“A Humble Visionary” by Emanuel Magno

He is a type of worm. Not just a bookworm, but a multilayered, multimedia little annelid, perhaps the same one Machado dedicated his works to, but maybe not. Always talking of wormholes, and when doing so one is always tempted to think of them as his holes, not necessarily through

“After the relationship there is the Dissection” by Anita Goveas

The Abdomen The scar itself is not the issue. Medicine is a wonder, this is not a list of the joys a surgeon’s knife can bring. But to revel in it, to take pride in it, to continue to wear bikinis. What can be done with someone without a proper

“Bottle Gods”: a triptych by Ben Niespodziany

  Ben Niespodziany is a night librarian at the University of Chicago. He runs the multimedia art blog [neonpajamas] and has had work published in Ghost City Press, formercactus, Occulum, and a handful of others.


Trifling with your inadequacy Your imagined idiocy Satan speaking in your eye as his spit quenches yet stings your ice speckled blue eyes Telling you dear, “You’re quite unfit.” Splintering into the dollhouse that rivets and bends at the sound of your step You are as cold as a witch’s

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