Stay Feminist and Study Your Body by Lay Sion Ng

How well do you understand your body? Do you think your body can change your mind? Or it is only our minds that can change our bodies? Throughout history there have been many different definitions as to what constitutes our bodies. Some theorists of the social body regarded physical bodies as objects that need to be “trained, manipulated, cajoled, organized and in general disciplined” (Turner 15). Similarly, some considered the body as “a play of forces, a surface of intensities, pure simulacra without originals” (Braidotti 21). This thinking becomes a problem as it conceptualizes the body as simply a biological … Continue reading Stay Feminist and Study Your Body by Lay Sion Ng

Women and Space by Lay Sion Ng

Whether it is defined as a container for things or the relation between things, the nature of space is often limned with the body-matter of women. Ever since Plato first introduced the existence of space and claimed the nature of space as the figure of the mother, women have become the body-matter for man (Plato 65; Best 184, 187). This linking of space and woman leads to a conception that woman is seen as “the body, the earth, the springboard for man,” which, as Irigaray suggests, enables men to place themselves as a higher subject whose “only connection to the … Continue reading Women and Space by Lay Sion Ng

Rethinking Relationships: Monogamy & Polyamory by Lay Sion Ng

The modern Western culture is grounded on identity dualities: man/woman, heterosexual/homosexual, white/black, virgin/whore, to name a few. These dualisms encourage a hierarchial structure between the former and the latter, which then enforces a sense of cultural, political and social inequality in our society. This sense of inequality is obvious when one looks into the structure of human relationships. Except for heterosexual monogamy, other forms of relationships are often marginalized and marked as abnormal by mainstream society. However, this kind of thinking is wrong because all forms of relationships are equal; as long as the parties involved in the relationships are … Continue reading Rethinking Relationships: Monogamy & Polyamory by Lay Sion Ng