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“Braving the Days: Red Scarab, A Mind Soul Map of MARS” by Jordannah Elizabeth

Braving the Days is an existential, mystical column by Jordannah Elizabeth. Red ScarabThe Center of Love _ Defying timeKhepera “He has come forth” – Heart Scarab Ancient amulet – Egyptian offering protection & good fortune – mummification, burial – Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New Kingdom, Kherpri To my heart –

Literary Arsenal – 45 Books In Our Editor’s Personal Library

When I was traveling a couple of years ago, I sent about a quarter of my library to my mother’s house in the Rocky Mountain region. My books sat in her guestroom for a year before I called her and inquired about have them sent back to me. I’m back

Braving the Days: Black Memory by Jordannah Elizabeth

This is my space to write what comes to me. What comes to me are memories.  But what’s most important to understand about the Black memory and the Black mind is that when a movement begins, our lives are not brought to a dramatic halt which immediately morphs into an

Braving the Days: Numbers & the Oak Tree

When you’re a writer, numbers can become far off, alien entities that do not inform any facet of your daily practice. Despite this, I find myself thinking about numbers constantly. Social media creates a world of pressure and a numbers game where people vie for followers. As an editor, I

Braving the Days: The Magnum Opus Has Been Cancelled pt 2. by Jordannah Elizabeth

Time has passed and I may have to admit that there is no magnum opus to be had. I can feel external circumstances beginning to create stress and lethargy that I am struggling to control. Shelter in Place. The order has been solidified.  My entire life has been about Freedom

Braving the Days: If You’re Reading This… aka Tomorrow’s Magnum Opus pt. 1 by Jordannah Elizabeth

“The serpent is eating itself” – Dax Riggs I’ve been thinking about time, consciously aging and the attributes of a magnum opus.   My mind is what it is. Several concepts that don’t seem to be mutually exclusive flow and roll like waves within my psyche, creating a narrative that is

Existential Stimuli: 64 Books to Read From Our Literary {Archive}

Accessibility on all fronts has been compromised due to our current global pandemic. I don’t know how long or how many times I am going to have to write the prior sentence, but we at TERSE. are willing to stay as focused and as stimulated as possible. I’ve been reading

Diurnal Revival: Braving the Days {Archive}

I love archives. They give us a chance to see patterns and follow the evolution of whatever information is being compiled. It is important to show how time can effect the output, theory and theme of a subject. “Braving the Days” is an existential column I’ve written since 2016. I

TERSE. & Our Commitment Amidst COVID-19

  Dear Readers & Writers, It’s been a very difficult couple of weeks for our country and the world at large. We at TERSE. Journal are empathetic and are also processing the overwhelming influx of information concerning COVID-19. The well-being and safety of our editorial team is of the utmost

“Reading List for Outsiders” by Jordannah Elizabeth

Firstly, I should say this reading list is for readers who feel like outsiders. A wise person said, “People can make you feel like an outsider when you’re actually on the inside,” so feel free to heed as this reading list is not for to heal any wounds but to

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