Category: Becoming Mysticore: A Guide to Post-modern Occult Empowerment

“There is a City Where Fire Burns Underground” by Kailey Tedesco and M. Perle Tahat

  M: I tell my friend who is not from the U.S., “There is a city where a fire burns underground indefinitely.”Watching the 2006 documentary The Town That Was centering the lives of Centralia’s residents from about the 1960’s neglects the history of the upheaval of indigenous people. I thought of

Tarotscope for Pisces Season Featuring the Five of Wands by Kailey Tedesco

  Dearests, Tread lightly, but with purpose. Everything we need is all around us. This season is for healing, but healing may be the furthest thing from our minds right now. How can one heal when there is only the flood of pain oiling our basins, coloring the waters in

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