Category: Badly Anarchist

Our Bodies, Our Hopes by Michelle M. Campbell

Yesterday morning at my local coffee shop, I had the sudden urge to tell the woman sitting by the window that her body was beautiful. You see, her body looked like mine, and not many others do. I suspect many people feel the same way about their own bodies. And,

How did we ever come to know dandelions as weeds? by Michelle M. Campbell

  It’s spring in my neck of the suburban Midwest, which means the denizens of this fine region are finally extracting themselves from their abodes after a long winter’s Netflix binge. Today was the first day in a long while that I sat on the back patio working and reading

On the Bodily Pain of Protest by Michelle M. Campbell

  Martyrdom is easiest when you know the ending. It’s the waiting, the continuing struggle toward a diminishing goal post, that is one of the hardest parts. I am part of a group that has been occupying the administration building of Purdue University in protest again the lack of administrative

On Dreaming Escape by Michelle M. Campbell

When I was a young child, I would lay awake at night and travel. I had read one of those late 80s magazines about everything supernatural and, along with a young adult novel whose title I forgot long ago, I was summarily convinced that I should, at the very least,

On Being Little by Michelle M. Campbell

We matter because we are matter, and if we get purposefully madder and madder and madder we can’t be little by being belittled.

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