Author: Moriah M. Mylod

Moriah M. Mylod is an Expressionist Painter, Mixed-Media Artist, Art Psychotherapist, Lover of Jungian/Depth Psychologies, Poet & Mystic. Moriah practices as a clinical art therapist in the mental health field providing art psychotherapy services to adolescent mothers & adult mothers in a residential treatment facility in Somerset, NJ. Moriah primarily practices art psychotherapy in a residential treatment milieu, but first and foremost she is an artist working in her home-studio, Birds in The Attics located in Phillipsburg, NJ where she is occupied with painting on many surfaces such as traditional canvas, mirrors, wood blocks and creating ephemeral art in earth mandala assemblages locally and within the tri-state area. The last few years she has been in a season of creation and hopes to exhibit in the 2020/2021 year. Her working body of art is a culmination of a various painting and mixed media applications where these works are enmeshed in a sea of wordless consciousness, designed structures of the unseen divine within that invites the viewer to swim in the reparative use of untamed colors & paradoxical design. Her works of prayer, deep meditations, peace, memory & of infinite love will shift and inform the viewer’s own awareness--as well as the space it inhabits.


When I came into myself, again Yet another awkward re-awakening of this body I saw an imprisoned cage of where a young woman was residing, It was right behind my Mother’sss eyesss A tiny fire lit between the iris of two gazing hazel stonesss One of yearning Death and one

“ON THE WALL” by Moriah M. Mylod

Smacked for my ever first drawing A depiction of a Cephalopd on my bedroom wall I shared the pale blue room with my twin Cribs adjacent A marker taken out of the grips of my clinging little finger tips As my brother watched the beginning of my art career fail


Trifling with your inadequacy Your imagined idiocy Satan speaking in your eye as his spit quenches yet stings your ice speckled blue eyes Telling you dear, “You’re quite unfit.” Splintering into the dollhouse that rivets and bends at the sound of your step You are as cold as a witch’s

A Conversation Between Three Entities: The Face, The Witness & The Viewer

  The Witness: Why do you cry? The Face: Because, I see. The Witness: What do you see?   ::  The Face stares back for a time where The Witness thought to itself ‘until Kingdom-Come, when will it speak?” The Face’s eyes weld up with the deepest sorrow yet the

SAD SANDWICHES: Baloney & Plastic Wrapped Cheese, no mayo by Moriah M. Mylod

Seeing my mother standing there with all of her grandchildren looking more infantile Walking around, carrying the infant that is me Wishing I had a dad that took us fishing not teaching us anything about how to fish Wishing I had a dad… — Finally in time, I have created


In my dreams we were in Charleston imagining apparitions and clowns I wonder how we could devise plans to become ghosts together in a tourist town to scare off kids and lovers alike And seeing how they still wanted us around even The devil horned The pale-blue eyed The predatorial


Life is unbearable Then, it is not It’s like walking on sandpaper coping with the pain of emotions of every moment Waning on you, everyday Wearing away on you, everyday Into a person you hardly recognize, anymore Who are you? Existing on this plane, hollow inside You are not your

FRAGRANT DEATH by Moriah M. Mylod

How fragrant Death is… The leaves, The brush Dying and  Decomposing Under Our feet Why, we watch The last breath Burst into Many shades Of the color wheel? A pretty party of Leaves falling Like raindrops Spinning and Twisting Changing direction To and fro The insides Of living things that

ICARUS: MELTY WINGS by Moriah M. Mylod

She bawled her eyes out over the phone As her mother was on the other line eating Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Melty like her wings tied back with assorted pastel colored rubber bands Mother said it could be worst It could be better Much better She tried to fit


Tables turn Moving around and around Seesaw goes up while the other one is down Just so you can push your friend back up again To take the turn The Swing goes Backward to move Forward Then Back & Forth You go up the Slide just to drop back down,

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