II Poems by Jack Greer

purple sky


Reel flickers by
of a flashing off-white
like mucus.
A great big
editing error
of a man stands
for a single frame.

Fill in the blanks,
the features of his face.
Who placed him there,
was it on purpose?

The film slows and groans down,
he steps onto the cutting room floor,
then the movie
moves on to the next station.

Industrial Estate Allsorts

Low-set layerings of
logos, lots, and utes
the tart overhead permanence of the sun
which glistens roads of gritty licorice.
All the popular flavours are here:
estuaries of upholsterers,
piano tuners,
mountain bike vendors
and aircon shops.
And at night it becomes a maze
of sponsor-splattered hedges
looming in dusky places
behind the streetlight.
Dip your hand in
and see what you get.

Jack Greer is a recent graduate of University of Queensland where he completed his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Creative Writing and English Literature. He is interested in creating other worlds within the ones we already inhabit. Find him on Instagram @jgreerpoetry.

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