In Confinement by Ethan Cunningham

The Garden of Monet at Argenteuil by Claude Monet

I spy with my inside eye
the raging cage, high-caliber gauge,
crunching, clutching touch flush with
steel feelers, sealed annealed eels
that hold close, folds my soul,


It sits hissing as I itch and hit
and stand demanding expansion,
screwed, disputing induced fugue
again evident, wrenched in the pen,
locked in a soft, dissolving body


Ethan Cunningham is a writer, photographer, and game designer. He holds an MFA from Boston University. His short works appear in print and on-screen, but most recently in Corvus Review, The Drabble, HASH Journal, and Modern Poetry Quarterly Review. He has also worked on several award-winning short documentaries featuring international non-profit endeavors: Operation International: Ivory Coast, Rally for Rangers, and Darkhad Valley.

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