2022: Updates for the season of love

Immaculate Heart Of Mary via Fine Art

Hello my lion hearted friends —

How strange and simple to be in a new year. It’s been one month of breathing 2022 air and I feel both inspired and exhausted already. This decade has been a whirlwind full of heartbreak and loss, but it is hard to feel all bad when I watch the wind wake up the trees outside my window.

It is in this spirit that we share the newest updates to TERSE with you!

To begin, we are not accepting submissions of poetry or prose at this time. It is a bit of an unsustainable process for us right now given our limited funding sources and the sheer number of staff committed to other projects. That said, we do have some exciting work coming out shortly, and we are still open to pitches for columns, reviews, and various series. We also are hoping to expand into zines, comics, and interviews, so please hit our line with that content!

Many columns will continue into the new year. The Purgatory series by Gabe Bogart lives on, with some exciting new twists and progressions.

Noelia’s Book Nook of short form book reviews, and Margaryta Golovchenko’s reviews will continue into 2022, and as always feel free to send us recommendations or requests.

We also hope to continue HYPER/TEXT with our resident online expert Fox Auslander, though we have not been receiving many questions or submissions. So with that said, please do send your questions to Fox via the online submission form here!

Thank you for your patience during such a stressful and confusing time. I’m sure there will be many changes over the coming months, but we look forward to the waves.

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe season of love!


Managing Editor

February 2022

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