An Announcement

Strauss by Hannah Höch

This past spring, we decided to take up the long, difficult process of curating and maintaining TERSE after several months of absence. Running a literary journal is an extremely enjoyable pursuit, and something all of us cherish; however it is often taxing process.

TERSE. is unique in many ways, but this does not make us exempt from the struggles and pitfalls of modern life. The staff behind TERSE. is often busy, between jobs and family, school and editing, it can be tiring to keep this project going. TERSE. is also entirely self-funded, something that has become increasingly difficult to maintain.

However, TERSE. is a passion project now as much as it was when our founder and editor at large Mauve Perle Tahat started out. TERSE. exists because of the dedication of our editors, Ben Berman Ghan and Zeny May D. Recidoro, and our regular contributors, Jordannah Elizabeth, Margaryta Golovchenko, Gabe Bogart, Fox Auslander, and Noelia Cerna.

All of us, in our own ways, revel in what TERSE. stands for. We are bizarre, dark, silly. We are attempting to navigate an online world. We are trying to create new worlds, digital and tactile, that are easier and safer for us to exist. We are rioting. TERSE. is not a place, but a transient manner of being.

And TERSE. is in you, too. This space would not exist without our readers and contributors. And for that, we thank you.

As this year comes to a close, TERSE. will also be taking a break. Though we expect to be back soon, we will not be accepting submissions for a while as we take time to rest and say goodbye to 2021. We will continue posting some work from our regular contributors, and will announce our future happenings shortly, but until then we all hope you have a wonderful season.


The Editors

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