The Final Transmission Sent by The Empress by Elizabeth Feucht

Bingata Panel with Tree Peonies and Peacocks (20th century) by Teruyo Shinohara via The Met

Remember me, haloed in the geometry of immolation that consumes the sky eon
by eon — Remember me crowned in sunstruck gold and palm fronds, cloaked in
primordial ocean, my hand outstretched toward the arc of death and heaven as
though I could touch the surface of infinity if I tried — As I’ve said, ephemera
holds its own sort of immortality — I hope you remember my promise, dear one
— I have fashioned a chariot out of bronze and myth, I have spun the solar rays
into currents, I have torn open the substance of the world to find you — I hope
you have not been waiting too long, enthroned in the sharp scarlet of your empire
— I remember you wearing the claws of your fate around your neck like a
talisman — I will find you again, beloved, I will fill your sky with desolating
light, I will carve your heart out of your chest, I will sink my teeth into it like a
sun-ripened fruit

Elizabeth Feucht is a baker, taker of walks, watcher of stars, and adverb enthusiast from Wisconsin. Occasionally, she writes. You can find her on twitter @prvserpine.

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