Twenty five is an odd number by Abidemi Adenle

Bingata Panel with Hō-ō Birds and Flowers 18th century Japan (Ryūkyū Islands) via The Met

Yesterday was my birthday.
My twenty fifth.
I wanted freedom
From despair
And longing
And wanting a thing that never chooses you
I’m trying to write about happiness
How it never chooses me
And how it treats me like a debtor
But I don’t want to write it this way
In the fifth line of another poem
I’ve written this before
But it’s true
And it’s real
I keep chasing a thing
That never chases me.

Yesterday was my birthday
My twenty fifth.
I wanted some clean air
My hands spread left and right on a lonely beach
With heavy waves
I wanted to feed some ice cream to the sea shells
To run and tumble in the sand
I wanted love
Not the one over the phone
The kind that pulls you closer and breathes you in

Abidemi is an emerging writing and tech enthusiast who lives in the bubbling city of Lagos Nigeria. Her work has only appeared in the journal, ‘writing in a woman’s voice’ and ‘Tell your story’. When she’s not writing poetry or fiction, she listens to Daughter. You can find Abidemi at The Podcast Blog here.

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