Translaciónóicalsnart (2017-2021) by Sara Rivera

Creatures by Ren Brian

Sara Rivera’s black-out poetry piece Translaciónóicalsnart (2017-2021) is an ongoing series that uses
texts from publicly available art exhibition catalogs to examine the both fruitful and fraught
relationship of patronage and feudalism to Philippine art production.

Sara Rivera is a cultural worker from the Philippines. Her works are informed by her informal and formal experience as an archivist, examining memory and the ways in which we organize it. Her art practice explores gender, data, and capital. Currently, she is a member of SAKA (Sama-samang Artista para as Kilusang Agraryo) an artist Alliance for Genuine Land Reform and Rural Development.

Ren / foul.lorraine is a 21 year old creator. Ren is person in recovery, and makes radical art about that. Ren also makes art about abolition and the small beautiful joys in a world that can be horrible. Right now, Ren making silly mostly radical illustrations of creatures for the modern kvetch! Ren’s Instagram is @foullorraine

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