The Weight of Drops by H.A. Piacentino

Triangle Doodle by Ren Brian

The rain falls as saltwater here. It’s because it comes from the sea, they say. When they ask why our rain fell pure, I can only tell them I don’t know.

There are lots of things I can’t explain. How I survived the crash. How we built the rocket that brought us here. Why we let our world drown.  

Their world is not so different. When the clouds gather and the rain falls, I could almost be home. Except for the weight of the drops on my face. Except for the taste of salt.

H.A. Piacentino lives and writes in rainy Glasgow, Scotland. Sometimes he dreams of other worlds. His work appears or is forthcoming in FlashFloodNight Sky Press and Fudoki. You can find him on Twitter @h_a_piacentino

Ren / foul.lorraine is a 21 year old creator. Ren is person in recovery, and makes radical art about that. Ren also makes art about abolition and the small beautiful joys in a world that can be horrible. Right now, Ren making silly mostly radical illustrations of creatures for the modern kvetch! Ren’s Instagram is @foullorraine

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