Hungrily, Space-Eater by Iggy Oddity

Original Color Gator by Ren Brian

I am an amalgamation of wires,
Moon encased, silver-bodied,
Sacred blue distilled into shock-
an irresistible hazard-

Suffocating an atmosphere
too distant from the past.
God devouring its children
Not realizing this brings everything
Closer to its end.

We have strayed too far-
The earth once molten potential.
Someday – sky swallowed by a mouth of fire.

I am a shapeshifting unfathomable thing
Of beauty.
Promethean holy grail,
dangerous yet lovely.

I hold death cradled within folds, against tissue, under shadow-
A red so beautiful in its alikeness
to death – hungrily, space-eater.

Iggy Oddity is a musician, digital artist and poet based in Illinois. They’re the founder of the blog Cinema in Paradise which celebrates the legacy of cinema throughout history and the world. Their debut album Desired Particle is currently available on all streaming platforms.

Ren / foul.lorraine is a 21 year old creator. Ren is person in recovery, and makes radical art about that. Ren also makes art about abolition and the small beautiful joys in a world that can be horrible. Right now, Ren making silly mostly radical illustrations of creatures for the modern kvetch! Ren’s Instagram is @foullorraine

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