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A Sea-Nymph by Edward Coley Burne Jones (1881) via The Minneapolis Institute of Art

Hello sweet specters! We have a bit of an announcement for you. We have welcomed our dear friend Margaryta Golovchenko to the TERSE. team! Margaryta, who has never broken a bone and is therefore indestructible, will be reviewing books in a monthly column, as she did with “PHANTOMPAINS” BY THERESE ESTACION.

Margaryta will also be reviewing pitches for book reviews and reviews written by you, dear reader! So if you have anything you’d like to share, check out our contributor guidelines or the FAQ below for more information.


I want to submit a review I wrote! How do I submit it?
Please submit your piece in Times New Roman, 12pt font, as a .doc or .pdf attachment in an email to Please include the book title, author, publisher, and publication year in your piece. We also ask for a third person bio from you, as well as any social media links you’d like to share!

I want to submit a pitch for my book to be reviewed! What do I need to do?
Send an email to with a press kit (if you have one) and any information you’d like us to have. We generally are looking for information about the text, about you, and about where we can find your book. We’ll be in touch with further details.

Will you reply to my submission?
Yes, we reply to all submissions within 4-6 weeks, usually sooner.

I have a suggestion for a book you should review!
Thank you! Send us any information you can to

Anything else I should know?
We prefer books written within the last 2 years. We prefer books written by marginalized authors. We would like it very much if you could send us a ghost in a jar.


TERSE. team

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