“Memory Formed” by Carrie Mills

Bouquet of Flowers by Odilon Roden (ca. 1900–1905) via The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Memory Formed

The sun shines bright and blue, stretching beyond.

She stands before you, her hair diffusing the light,
an aura of gold formed of magic,
mists and whispered incantations.

Like a mirage, her features waver in the shadows
and you lose all sense of who she was.

This memory.

Carrie was born in Wales and is now living in London with her violinist husband and two children. Coming out of the fog of early parenthood she found her love of reading had bred a passion for writing. Her day-to-day life revolves around books, music and food. Recently published in Horrified Magazine, Carrie writes poems and short stories alongside her novel in progress. She can be found on Instagram @carriemillswrites.

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