“Persephone’s Garden” by Heni Tinker

Vase of Flowers (Pink Background) by Odilon Redon (1906) via he Metropolitan Museum of Art

Is full of ghosts and 3 headed dogs,

who germinate aconite

bites blooming from barren anthracite,

casting bones of ammonite in a fusion of green,

the underworld queen traces you & I in our queerness,

growing asymmetrical like moss,

in imperfect profusions.

She laughs, and spits seeds into the pitted earth,

as we make vines tension strength over time,

twining to span our starry distance in webs of ivy.

My Eurydice stands beneath the canopy,

showering asphodel with blood milk,

As snakes slide between black briars,

Slicing hearts in a pomegranate ache.

The seeping weeds crack concrete,

shifting power to split rock,

even mountains given time.

Heni Tinker is a non-binary poet originally from Wales, currently based in Brighton, England. They have previously been published in Offshoot and The Channel, as well as The Hysteria Collective. Their interests include writing on Welsh identity, magic, queerness and ecocriticism. They are currently working on a chapbook about non-binary identity and a new blog about folk horror, zines and occult poetry. More of their work can be found on Instagram @heni.tinker

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