“The Rain” & “Experiments” by Dawn Watts

The Rain

The winding path reveals
a violent storm as an uncut
trail. My feet journey forward,
regardless. My limbs flail about
wet like waves of emotion trying
to reconcile a memory. The tragedy
devastates my mind walking
through an ocean of lovers.
Yet, still, I travel alone, exposed,
watching the rain wash away
everything left to indicate
I was ever here.



The gray light lingers collecting
between my fingers like twilight
lust, commingling shadows.
Thoughts kept secret within
my flesh has no other way
to prove itself alive rather
than to die in dim light, reborn
in scarlet fires, branded forever.


Dawn Watts is a former barista who loves to write poetry and prose. She has several poems forthcoming in online magazines. She lives in Chester Pennsylvania.

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