“Swan Song” by Joshua Williams

i would liken her to a swan

the way she dips her neck


towards me

hisses territorially

in the same instant

i’m both glowed


at her appearance in my mirror

i would liken her to swan

i say “liken” because

that’s not really her

is it?

she’s fragile yet strong

slender yet fills a room

she’s light

she’s day

i never really know

when she’ll appear

a silent whistle

in my mirror

in my room


in my periphery

when she appears

i always trust her

a mirror cannot lie

to my face

so, if she’s territorial

it’s only because she knows

what men have done

to ruin what makes her




Joshua Williams is a bestselling author of two books of poetry “Joshua Williams in a Week of Suicide(s)” and “love bandit” available on Amazon.com, a journalist, and activist devoted to telling stories surrounding art, culture, and personal expression.

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