“Things are Different” by Corey Howard

When you’re dehydrated

You’re facing absolution,

You’re subtracting from

         Yourself. You can

    Add, if you pay attention.

The world is a set up

           Distraction, illusion

         From the whole point 

      Of hydration.

Is the body its own security,

    Own cell and guard?

   One time, a whole lot

    Go against a whole little

& walk all over them.

Then they recover, and

   Become themselves again.



Corey Howard is a poet chef living in Brighton, MA. He worked his way up from dishwasher to sous chef, and now enjoys time with his cat, dog, and girlfriend. He runs a small blog called Howard Reviews and was the Senior Poetry Editor for Hollow throughout their 6 issues. His poems can be found in I Want You to See This Before I Leave Zine, Entropy, The New England Review of Books, Hollow, and others.

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