“Nightmare and Interpretation 11” by Lilia Marie Ellis

A door you could only enter

once steel and shineless

so many people had entered

I saw some of them standing still

and others pressing on (it opened 

to a bizarre expanse of wild, the further

in the more strange and dangerous,

everyday monsters turning

before your eyes) like their

lives were fragile wire that

had to move to stay firm while

dodging ducks with razor teeth

and rivers orange and boiling, 

everyone was either sad or

happy or dying and you were there

I wanted to build a home for us

anyplace and never leave

no matter the reason.

People are good. We are good. Earth is sweet, rich, abundant. Human beings are by nature kind and desire to love. Our lives are enough, and the mountains, and the stars, the mysteries, horizons, tears, jumps for joy, and to be at all is enough. And even if



Lilia Marie Ellis is a trans woman writer from Houston Texas. Her work has appeared in publications including The Nashville Review and Kanstellation. Follow her on Twitter @LiliaMarieEllis!
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