“nanowells wherein nanofrogs dwell” by Ahimaz Ponrasa

i step out

of my well

only to step into

your well.


stepping out

of a microwell

we step into

a macrowell.


we then witness

people diving

from macrowells

to microwells too.


the world is made of

wells and we exist

in wells within wells. 


there exist wells of

all shapes and sizes


self is a tiny well,

capitalism is

a giantwell and

within these wells

exist wells called

race, religion,

jati and nation,

all seeking out

an imagined void.


not the void but


is the illusion here.


there’s a fountain in a corner

of every well ceaselessly

oozing out the blood

of the victims of the well.


fret not, echo the walls of wells, what’s with he who’s

above and what’s wrong with she who’s below,

those who are below will take care of everything.


from the micro, macro

and megawells ribbit

ribbity ribbitting nanoerfrogs

built to deprogram and reprogram

infiltrate nanoselves.


we, body-minds with

reprogrammed selves,

step into

and out of




Ahimaz Ponrasa (@ahimaaz) has been published recently with Jellyfish Review, Burning House Press, Velivada, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, BEST BUDS! Collective, RIC Journal, Minor Literature[s], Marlskarx, Glass, Elephants Never, Big Echo: Critical SF, Paint Bucket and Speculative 66. He lives in the Indian Subcontinent.

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