Visual Art: “Painting During the Pandemic” by Christine Sloan Stoddard

I wake up every morning under the COVID-19 pandemic gripped by anxiety and then seek to soothe it through ritual. This ritual mainly involves making art and making myself up. I create to exert the intense energy buzzing in my chest and my brain. Holding a paintbrush or a camera steadies my mind. I cannot linger in pajamas or else listlessness¬†take its hold. Out comes the ruby lipstick. I must feel glamorous in quarantine.¬†This I can control: the canvas of my face, the composition of a watercolor, the pacing of a short film. I pull all of the blankets and pillows from my bed and pile them high by my dresser. Then I open the curtains for sunlight to pour through my west-facing windows. I place my laptop on a stool and pull a drawing board into bed. Not wanting to wrinkle my dress or fall into a depression nap, I sit on the edge. The windowsills‚ÄĒclose enough for me to reach from my perch‚ÄĒbecome a holding ground for pencils, pens, and paints. The bed is now my artist studio and executive suite as I juggle competition deadlines and video chats with clients. The day passes like this until I break to read or watch a movie. I can see the sunset from my Brooklyn bedroom, and I know that because there is still beauty in the world, there must be hope.¬† – Christine Sloan Stoddard

Painting During the Pandemic 

Painting During the Pandemic_sm

Garden in the Time of COVID-19

01 Garden in the Time of COVID-19

Glitter Ritual

Glitter Ritual Black and White


Christine¬†Sloan¬†Stoddard¬†is a¬†Salvadoran-American¬†author,¬†artist, and¬†film/theatre¬†professional¬†who¬†lives¬†in¬†Brooklyn,¬†NY.¬†Her¬†books¬†include¬†Desert¬†Fox¬†by the¬†Sea,¬†Belladonna¬†Magic,¬†Water for the Cactus Woman, and¬†other¬†titles.¬†She¬†co-edited¬†Her¬†Plumage, an¬†anthology¬†by¬†Quail¬†Bell,¬†her¬†literary journal. As of 2020,¬†she¬†is a¬†Visible Poetry Project filmmaker, Table Work Press playwrighting competition winner, and artist-in-residence at HeartShare Human Services of New York. Previously,¬†she¬†was the first-ever¬†artist-in-residence at¬†Lenox Hill Neighborhood House¬†in Manhattan and¬†Brooklyn¬†Public Library’s Eastern Parkway Branch.

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