TERSE. Writing Prompts: Diurnal Revival & A Dystopian Haze

Diurnal Revival

The solar and lunar cycle gives life on planet earth constant movement and form. Every morning you are revived from your slumber to face a new set of events and challenges. How do you navigate? How do you cope with your 12 hour long Diurnal Revival? Be as imaginative and surreal as you can.

  • Note: if you have a unique sleep cycle, write about it! How does the sun affect your existential and material reality?

Dystopian Haze 

How do you define your life through the lens of dystopia? Does the darkness of the world make you malleable or static in terms of your creativity and productivity? Paint a picture of your dystopian reality, build your world with otherworldly words, and tell a story of irreconcilable despair and heaviness. 

 Send us your stories, essays,  flash fiction and poetry!


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