“To the Core” by Colleen Anderson

trees, young saplings sprout

from solid rock gouged

by rivers and canyons

blistered by sun 

and furious storms

toughened granite

resists hammering




magma slips and pulses

between rock

simmers about the core 

where all is molten blood and gold

a churning hub

the crust revolves 




the earth is fed

from the core

wherein all life of thoughts




to subside again within me


Colleen’s fiction and poetry have appeared in over 250 publications in such places like Polu TexniLiteLitOneMaple Tree Literary Supplement, and Really System. She has a BFA in creative writing and is a recent recipient of a Canada Council grant for writing. She has edited a third anthology, Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland through Exile Books. Her collection, A Body of Work, was published by UK publisher Black Shuck Books. She will be the guest of honor at the Creative Ink Festival.

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