“In Every Creation” by Sam Jowett

a sliver of me

                             astral infused queerness 

myself laid bare                      upon the mountains I carved            the forests I etched        the nebulas I painted

see my galactic lipstick smears, my Ptolemaic earrings

                                                                                   my starshine nails amidst each of them

                                                                I need no mirrors

to see the universe

is to see infinite versions of me

prismatic refractions that blossom cosmic

creation                               is                                        never objective 

not born from impartiality            nor solipsism   but rather

                                     an outpouring of emotion of 


the absolute expression of


the love

the anger

the passion of



Sam Jowett is a non-binary writer living in Toronto. They love to figure skate amidst the stars and set up two mirrors face to face to see into parallel universes. You can find their work in Prismatica Magazine, Silk + Smoke, and reflected in forgotten pools. They have a chapbook “Godess Unbloomed, of which the above poems are apart of, forthcoming at Bone&Ink Press. Follow them on Twitter @samuel_jowett

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